At Light and Life Digital Media of Oak Ridge, Knoxville and East Tennessee, we specialize in DVD transfers, DVD copies, Photo restorations, 35mm slides to DVD, and Slideshows with music.

Video Transfers - You might actually watch those VHS tapes on DVD
DVD Copies
- Copy your DVD project
Photo Restoration - Turn those damaged pictures into timeless treasures
Photo Scans - Clean out that shoe box and archive your life
35mm slide/Negative Scans - A big positive for your negatives
Photo Books - Different sized hard and soft-cover books on photo-grade paper
Slideshows - Give your photos a soundtrack

Video Transfers

You'd love to watch those home movies of little Timmy's first trip to the beach. And you might actually do it if you could find the tape in Grandma's attic and had it on DVD. But alas, you have no way to convert the footage.

Or don't you? Let Light and Life bring your homemade Hollywood to life again in the digital realm. We can archive your movies from Hi8, VHS and miniDV formats to DVD. With straight transfers, you'll never lose a frame of those Christmas morning faces.

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Photo and Slide Restoration

Grandpa's daddy helped build the Panama Canal. You even have a picture to prove it, but it spent a good thirty years in someone's wallet and looks more like a dirty napkin than a family legend.

Great photos are often well-loved. Time and improper storage can leave a printed photo in bad shape. Let us spend time with your picture to remove stains, scratches, rips, or restore faded color. We can also remove blemishes, flip the direction, add your Aunt Betsy, or make an elephant pink. Everyone will be amazed to see that picture of Freddy without the bunny ears! Click here for the before/after magic.

*We cannot make blurry pictures sharp or fix every problem. Restoration will be done on a per-picture basis at the discretion of Light and Life.

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DVD Copies

Johnny finally made a record and even wrote a few songs himself. You even helped him shoot a little video to pitch around Nashville. Need more than a handful of copies?

Can do. We can duplicate your project in a number of formats: DVD, CD, CD-Rom, MP3 Disc, Data-only discs, Kodak Picture Disc, etc. Custom artwork also available.

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Photo, 35mm Slide and Negative Scanning

Maybe you're embarrassed. But we've all done it. Whether under the bed or in the closet, for years has sat that dusty box of unlabeled pictures and negatives from the Carter administration. And sure, everyone was bored with slides from your North Dakota trip, but you liked them.

Why not let us scan and archive your photos, 35mm slides and negatives before you forget who's in them? Using a digital scanner and printing quality resolution, your pics can will enjoyed again and protected for generations. Should there be a fire, a CD or DVD of photos is a lot easier to keep in a safety deposit box. Scanned photos can also play a big part in a Light and Life video package. Click here for a 35mm slide sample.

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Photo Books

Your trip to Hawaii was unbelievable. A slide show is nice and your developed pictures are pretty, but what if there was something to really make those tiki torches glow.

The birth of your daughter was your wife's part. But you took some amazing pictures of Ashley's first few days. You'd love to give a collection of them to your family, but how do you present something that one-of-a-kind?

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The perfect gift is no longer impossible. Using your digital pictures or scanned photos, we can assemble a beautifully bound hard or soft-covered photo book with your descriptions and antic dotes. Available in various sizes, they arrive professionally printed on glossy, acid-free paper with a highlighted picture on the cover. You can choose from many themes to bring your pictures to life and give an unforgettable gift to yourself or others.

Option 1 includes:
3 small soft cover photo books
Size: 2.6 x 3.5 inches

Number of pages: 20 to 100

Option 2 includes:
Medium soft cover photo book
Size: 5.5 x 7.5 inches

Number of pages: 20 to 100

Option 3 includes:
Large soft cover photo book
Size: 8.5 x 11 inches

Number of pages: 20 to 100

Option 4 includes:
Large hard cover photo book
Size: 8.5 x 11 inches

Number of pages: 10 to 100

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Pictures in an album are adequate. A powerpoint slideshow on the computer is nice. But a slideshow with transitions set to music is a wonderful way to show off your family, vacation or new camera.

We can put your digital or printed photos into a slideshow on DVD with the music of your choice. It's a simple, but effective medium with stunning transitions that will make you want to watch it and give it to those you love. Check out the samples page for an example.

Photo Slideshows with Music (includes 2 DVD or VHS copies)

1 song with up to 60 digital or printed photos
2 songs with up to 120 digital or printed photos

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